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Horwath HTL Industry Report: Rethinking Luxury - By Emanuel Tutek

Hotel de Crillon
Rethinking Luxury in Hospitality

Horwath HTL

The luxury market and its customer base is growing, with the outlook for the next three years looking positive. There are however, significant challenges for luxury hoteliers, with the fast pace of change in the luxury space, specifically with the hopes and expectations of the luxury traveller.

In this report, Horwath HTL and Soul Luxury have joined forces, pooling their experience and expertise, to provide insights into the triggers of change in luxury. How the shifting consumer mind-set is forcing a rethink of ‘Luxury in Hospitality’ and how to deliver the new luxury using our Horwath HTL 360◦ New Luxury Framework.

Revolution in luxury hospitality is happening. Whether a global brand, a niche player or an individual luxury property, no one will be able to avoid the reality of the new paradigm. Those who are rethinking, planning, implementing and fundamentally changing, will be the winners. Everyone else should better start working on their excuses.

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