EyeforTravel's Essential Data Pack: GDPR, Deep Learning & Data Visualization


With data being touted as the new oil, and AI as the new electricity - the field of data science in travel is advancing at breakneck speed.

EyeforTravel's latest data pack brings together essential insights for anyone who works in data science, revenue management, product management or marketing.

The essential pack includes:

  • Whitepaper: Does Deep Learning Hold the Answers: Understand the implications of deep learning and how travel brands are using it to drive value
  • Video Presentation: Choice Hotels & Wyndham Worldwide share the importance of data visualization and insights into how they use it within their organization
  • Webinar Presentation - GDPR: William Bekler, Co-founder of and former head of innovation at Travelocity/ goes into detail about how the new GDPR regulations passed by the EU will change your data strategy

Download the Essential Data Pack here >

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