Sojern Releases New Report on Travel's Path to Purchase - By Catlyn Origitano

Cover from Sojern Report on Travel's Path to Purchase
Sojern Releases New Report on Travel's Path to Purchase


For more than a decade, Sojern has been helping brands engage with travelers across their path to purchase. We are very excited to now share with you our latest report, looking into how travelers plan and book their travel: Sojern Uncovers the Modern Traveler’s Paths to Purchase. In the report, we see how eight anonymous travelers approach travel—with unique trip motivations, as well as different ways of dreaming, planning and booking travel across verticals, regions, and devices.

But it’s more than data points. We also indicate key places where travel marketers can influence their ideal audience, including:

Engaging a mobile-first amusement park traveler

In North America, amusement parks welcome 375 million guests annually. The planning of an amusement park getaway, however, is no walk in the park. Travelers need to search and book flights, hotels, car rentals, activities and more.

Reaching travelers across this path to purchase is crucial for both travel and non-travel brands, as travelers look to open their wallets when planning their trips as well as in-destination, to ensure the most fun trip possible. Our first path to purchase examines one traveler who we named “Eric,” as he plans an amusement park adventure for his family of four.

Read “Eric’s” full path to purchase in the report.

One interesting insight into this path to purchase is that “Eric” does the majority of his travel planning and booking on his mobile phone. While “Eric” doesn’t conform to the average we saw in our Hotel Report, when it comes to device trends, his path reveals the importance of knowing the real-time behavior and preferences of your ideal travelers to ensure your strategies reach them at the right time on the right device.

Tugging at the heart and purse strings of a luxury shopper

Luxury getaways are what dreams are made of. But how do travelers turn those dreams into reality and how can travel marketers intercept these high spenders? We look to one anonymous traveler, pseudonym “Felicia,” as she dreams of her ultimate beach resort getaway.

Read “Felicia’s” full path to purchase in the report.

“Felicia’s” dreaming starts with a particular destination in mind. A brand draws her attention immediately. On this brand’s website, a video of their offerings, showcasing a lavish resort full of amenities provides inspiration. It’s the brand’s video that draws her back. “Felicia” visits the original brand site 34 times in 24 hours.

Felicia’s” video consumption is very much in line with what we know about travelers in the dreaming phase: 66% of whom say video inspires them to visit a new place. Knowing who you want to target with video, and ensuring your video is replete with high-quality visuals of your destination, nearby attractions, or in this case, beaches and resort amenities are key to capturing the imagination of travelers early on in the funnel.

To learn more about all our traveler paths to purchase—and how marketers can embrace data-driven marketing to better engage these travel consumers, download the report.

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