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Sojern’s Early Look at December Travel Trends - By Catlyn Origitano


With only a few months left in 2017, we’ve released our final Global Travel Insights report for the year. In it, we look at how early planning for the quarter, and for December in particular, is already shaping up. Here we share four interesting travel trends from around the globe.

1. North American early planners are looking for a long Christmas break.

So far, the top departure dates for December are December 22, 23, and 21. With Christmas falling on a Monday this year, we see early planners trying to figure out just how long a trip they’ll take—looking as early as a Thursday departure.

2. Winter is coming—so travelers are looking to warm weather.

The cold weather hasn’t really hit us yet, but early planners are already looking to warm getaways for their winter getaways. Asia-Pacific travelers, for example, are heading to places that are enjoying their summer season like Auckland, Brisbane, and Melbourne for their December getaways.

3. December sees a focus on family travel.

Latin American early travel planners, for instance, are looking for more family and couple travel than the quarter average. We see the same trend in Europe as well. With lots of time off from work and school, early planners are looking to take to the skies with the whole family this December.

4. There’s lots of room for inspiration.

All around the globe we see opportunities to influence early planners toward your destination, offering, or brand. For example, Middle East & Africa early planners look in similar share for both short and long-haul destinations for 12+ days. This means two things:

1) If you’re an interregional travel marketer, you can encourage travelers to stay with you by offering tailored deals, like a 10th night free.

2) If you are a long-haul destination for MEA travelers, you have an audience that is keen to spend a lot of time and money traveling. Work to reach these travelers and inspire them to spend those long vacations with you.

Need help turning these travel trends into marketing takeaways? Download the full report.

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