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3 of the Latest Cruise Trends from Sojern’s New Report - By Catlyn Origitano

Sojern teamed up with Google to look at the latest cruise trends. Here we highlight three key takeaways.
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3 of the Latest Cruise Trends from Sojerns New Report


The Cruise Industry is booming with a total of 97 new ships expected between 2017 and 2025 at an estimated investment of $53 billion. In order to understand how this growth is impacting the industry—and how travelers are responding—Sojern teamed up with Google to look at the latest cruise trends in our new report.

Here are three trends making the biggest splash in the industry:

1. Mobile is on the rise in cruise planning.

As we’ve seen in our hotel report with Google, mobile searches are surging for the hospitality industry and the same can be said for cruise: 29% of cruise searches in 2017 were conducted on mobile, up 33% year-over-year.

Despite the growth in mobile searches, cruise bookings still happen primarily on desktop. In our report, we dig into some explanations for this drop off as well as ways to correct it. Download the report to get the full details. 

2. Pricing, destinations, and more influence potential cruisers. 

How do cruisers decide which ship to board? Our report indicates a number of factors from pricing to entertainment play a role. For example:

  • 89% of travelers who have cruised or plan to, report pricing as an influential factor in cruise choice. 
  • 96% said destinations factored into their decision
  • 47% report entertainment as the major factors influencing their purchase decision

In the full report, we outline all of the factors that impact a cruisers decision to book as well as their path to booking. Get the report to get the full details. 

3. Fun in the sun is on most traveler’s minds when searching.

You may think that people searching for cruise are set on that kind of vacation. Conversely, you may also think that if a traveler isn’t looking for a cruise, they won’t ever book one. But both these assumptions don’t necessarily hold. Instead, we see that travelers in market for cruises also search alternative forms of travel prior to booking such as hotel stays—indicating that they may be in market for a different kind of vacation besides cruise. 

Similar results are seen in Google data: of travelers surveyed, 53% will consider a beach destination for their next vacation, while only 31% will consider a cruise. Of that entire group of travelers, 44% also plan to cruise in the future—so even those considering a beach destination are interested in a cruise later on.

How can you turn these insights into actionable marketing strategies? Download the full report to find out.

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