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Horwath HTL Industry Report: USA and Canada, a Summer of Tourism - By Paul Breslin (PDF Download)

Paul Breslin of Horwath HTL Atlanta, GA, USA, has written the latest Industry Report, focusing on the USA and Canadian’s tourism market.
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Horwath HTL Industry Report: USA and Canada, a Summer of Tourism

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Canada, Eh?:
The US Neighbor to the North Welcomes American Travelers and Enables a Mutually Beneficial Summer of Tourism

As we find ourselves in this precarious era of global travel and tourism, there is a sense that U.S. summer vacationers are staying just a bit closer to home in 2016. Canada has proven appealing for those who seek a travel experience while still remaining near. Thanks to the country’s economic and political stability, as well as the ease of traveling back and forth between Canada and America, many Americans are finding their neighboring country

a desirable destination, perhaps more so today than in previous years. Toronto, for example, anticipates this year to top the record 14 million overnight visitors who arrived in 2015. An income boost and a growth in Canadian tourism has been a result of the travel into and within
the country itself. Interestingly, Canada also attracts less money-conscious travelers; Travelers from the U.S. and Canada report that they are looking to spend $6,400 and $8,400 respectively on travel this year. This exceeds the global average on travel spend, which is $5,100 (Sojern).

Macro-Tourism Trends

According to Destination Canada, Canada’s of official tourism site, international spending to Canada has increased by 4.3% in the first quarter of 2016, the biggest increase in the first quarter since 2010. Add in that U.S. travel to Canada is up 10%, and the interest in Canada becomes very apparent. Looking at the duration of stay, the average trip to Canada is eleven days, while the average U.S. visit is seven days long. These additional four days in Canada may in fact contribute to the overall growth in the country’s tourism sector. However the weak Canadian dollar has been encouraging Canadians to stay home or travel domestically, and Americans to migrate to Canada for short vacations. 

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