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Horwath HTL Market Report Canada - By Peter Gaudet (PDF Download)

Peter Gaudet of Horwath HTL Montreal, Canada, has written the next in our series of Special Market Reports, focusing on Canada’s hotel market.
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Horwath HTL Market Report Canada

Horwath HTL

Canada, a global tourism destination ranked 17th by the United Nations World Tourism Organization, has been recording continued increases in occupancy and average daily rate over the past six years, and 2016 will not be the exception. Despite the important difficulties registered by three of its ten provinces, the result of the ongoing oil crisis and the low cost of crude, Canada’s year-to-date June trends indicate that the national occupancy will likely remain comparable to that of 2015 while the national average daily rate should increase by 3%.

Canadian Hotel Industry

Despite Canada’s reliance on a domestic demand and its decreasing rank among international tourism destinations, the Canadian hotel industry has performed well in recent years, with year-end 2015 registering a sixth annual increase in both occupancy and average daily rate. 

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