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US Hotels Showing Strong Profitability Growth

April Profits per Room Rise 11.3% for US Hoteliers Hotel room rates in the top-25 most popular U.S. destinations are averaging $221.38 this April, up from $202.4 in March, according to trivago hotel price indices¹ (tHPI) released today. The U.S. online average daily rate (oADR), the industry’s best analytic for competitive pricing, currently ranges among the top-25 destinations from a high of $377 to a low of $139 this April. Based on industry surveys, e− estimates that in 2014 about one-half of US hotel sales are made online via brand websites and travel agent merchant websites, compared with only one-fourth seven years ago.

Table - U.S. Hotel Business Analytics March February 2015

On year-over-year basis, the U.S. average online ADR is up (+12.9%) in April from a year ago, better than the previous month's reading of (+7.1%). This April, trivago online room rates in New York are gaining (+4.1%) from last year to $377 a night, making the city the most expensive destination among the top-25 U.S. hotel markets.  Boston takes the second place in April with an online room rate of $367, after a drop of (−0.5%) from a year ago. In Washington D.C., the online room rate in April is growing (+20.3%) from last year to $361 a night, ranking the city in the third place of the most expensive destinations in the United States.

Graph - Top 25 Most Popular U.S. DestinationsAt the bottom of the list, the three least expensive, or most affordable, cities to visit this April is Las Vegas recording a trivago online ADR of $157 a night with a (+19.8%) change from a year ago; San Antonio posts an online ADR of $143 with a (+15.3%) change from last year; and lastly, Salt Lake City marks an online ADR of $139 with a nil change from a year ago. With a median online ADR of $186 amongst the top-25 most popular U.S. destinations, San Diego is the country's average affordable city to visit this April.

Moving from data to hotel-biz-analytics®, e−'s Smoothed Seasonally Adjusted (SSA)² U.S. average online room rate has hit $197.35 in April.  On a month-over-month basis - the hoteliers' analytic for tracking changes of what's now vs. what's happened in comparison to twelve months ago - SSA online ADR this April is up (+0.4%) from the previous month, which is the same percent change as in the previous month. Looking at the top-25 hotel destinations, the month-to-month percent change in April ranges from a high of (+2.6%) in Phoenix to a low of (−0.6%) in San Jose. Amongst the top-25 destinations, the SSA online monthly room rate is growing in 18 cities; and is falling or staying flat in 7 cities.

"The latest US Monthly Hotel Forecast predicts the US occupancy to average 63.1% in 2016 a decline of  1.6 percent points from 2015," said Maria Sogard, CEO of e­ For a complimentary copy of the full US Monthly Hotel Forecast with two-year predictions of occupancy, ADR, RevPAR, online ADR, costs per room, profitability and predictive analytics for investing in hotel properties, email us at with subject: USHOTfcast.

Looking at profitability, hoteliers' ultimate gauge for decision-making, profits per room are up (+11.3%) on a year-over-year basis in April, since U.S. trivago's average online room rate has gained (+12.9%) while e− national unit (per room) cost index is up (+1.4%). For U.S. hoteliers, year-over-year profit margins posted a reading of (+5.8%) in the previous month (March), compared to a mark of (+2.9%) a year ago (April 2014). Using trivago's online hotel room rates for the top-25 U.S. destinations and e−'s city-centric hotel unit (room) cost indices, year-over-year percent change in profits per room currently range from a high of (+29.9%) in Indianapolis to a low of (−4.6%) in Philadelphia in April. Amongst the top-25 destinations, profits per room are up in 23 cities; they are down or are flat in two cities.

On tracking monthly the risk for business losses in providing services per room, the probability for U.S. hoteliers being in a negative profits (losses) phase of the industry's business cycle hit 15% in April, which is lower than March's reading of 19%. In the top-25 hotel destinations, the risk for hoteliers being in a period of losses per room in April ranging from a high of 93% in Philadelphia to a low of 1% in San Jose. The probability of losses per room is above 50% in 4 cities; it is 50 or below in 21 cities.

Graph - Profits Per Room in Six U.S. Destinations


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