Hoteliers' Soft Skills - a Hospitality Magical Realism - By Osvaldo Torres Cruz

Contemporary environment is characterized by a process of Economy globalization that has changed the ways of business competition. Globalization has put within the reach of any company the same competitive resources. The Hotel companies have seen their products and services turned into commodities, this way losing its distinctive ability...

HTrends This entails that Hotels are constantly searching for tools that offer competitive advantage difficult to imitate and be able to position itself in the market. As I mentioned in other articles, the Experiential Hospitality has proven to be a distinctive tool par excellence, since converting the stay of guests on positive holistic experiences makes the Hotels remain in their minds and hearts as indelible marks.

Successful Experiential Hospitality lies in considering that the distinctive determinant factor of Hotel  services is no more about “what it is offered ” but “how it is offered ” and  the impact it has  on the guests´ s emotional world ; all these determinants are closely related to one of the most important intangible assets of a Hotel: its Human Resources.

It has been shown that the performance of the Hotel staff during the execution of the services requested by guests increase their level of satisfaction and therefore, the degree of loyalty to the Hotel.

The degree of the Hotel staff performance excellence will depend largely on the ability to relate, communicate, share information, motivate, listen, and empathize with the guests  that is what we call today the soft skills of a person. They are very difficult to acquire for those who do not have them by nature, making them highly sought after by organizations.

Everyone working in this fascinating industry knows that the highest percentage of errors, and therefore   guest ´s  dissatisfaction rating, are not related to the technical aspects of our work but with those bound to our relational and human performance. 

Hospitality  is the industry of interactions par excellence, and precisely soft skills allow us to interact with guests in an effective manner, ensuring greater listening, observation, approaching and empathy skills. We will be able to get to know them more deeply offering services that meet their whishes, making them feel cherished and thus included, reaching desired emotional states.

The level and intensity of development of soft skills is unique and unrepeatable in each of us, but there are traits, characteristic and common in different types of culture and idiosyncrasies. This may explain why there are tourist destinations that stand out and therefore differ in terms of hotel performance excellence, offering unparalleled competitive advantage.

In summary I can say that soft skills are what make of hospitality a real difference in the hotel industry because they ensure the return of the guests in search of what it was for them a magical realism.

Osvaldo Torres Cruz
Hotel Butler
Hotel Guest Experience Design Advisor

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