Hotel Chains Expand Strongly in Indonesia

Up to 800 new hotels projected for Indonesia
Jakarta at night - From Wikimedia Commons Winry Armawan
Jakarta Skyline at night Although Indonesia is considered to be a vacation paradise, in fact only eight million foreign travelers visited the country in 2012. But the number is expected to rise. Because of new air routes, more business trips and the opportunities of the future market more tourists should be attracted. Therefore numerous of new hotels have to arise. During the next ten years, 700 to 800 new hotels with 100,000 rooms will open their doors. This data has been revealed by TOPHOTELPROJECTS, the worldwide leading provider of global B2B hotel data.

According to the Bureau for National Statistics, more than 1,600 hotels exist in Indonesia in 2012, which are offering nearly 156,000 rooms. In comparison to the previous year it was an increase of nine percent. The average occupancy rate in 2012 was 53 percent, whereas there is just small seasonal variation as Indonesia has always warm weather. But there is a relatively large diversification between the single parts of the country: Bali reached an occupancy rate of 61 percent, Jakarta 57 percent. In Riau, the occupancy rate never reached more than 50 percent in any month of the year.

The Accor Group is market leader. In the first half of 2012 they nationally operated hotels with about 11,000 rooms. In second place is Aston International (Hawaii) with more than 6,000 rooms followed by Santika a local company on the third place.

Rendering for Jumeirah Bali
Jumeirah Bali

The largest hotel operators (1.half-year 2012) *)
Name - Number of rooms
Accor (F)  10.837 
Aston International (F)  6.087 
Santika Hotel & Resort (L)  5.653 
Swiss Bel-Hotel (F)  4.196 
Starwood (F)  2.702 
Tauzia Hotel Management (L)  2.319 
Sahid Hotel Network (L)  2.042 
IHG (F)  1.995 
Hyatt (F)   1.971 
Discovery Hotel & Resorts  1.918 
Aryaduta Hotel Group  1.725 
Singgasana Hotel & Resort  1.568 
Horison Hotels  1.504 
Jayakarta Hotels & Resort  1.295 
Grand Zuri Hotels  1.022 
Aerowisata Hotels & Resort  977 
Prime Plaza Hotels & Resort  968 
*) F = Foreign companies, L = Local businesses (Source: HVS)

Almost all companies want to expand their capacity in the future. The Accor Group opened about half a dozen new properties in the second half of 2012 and the first half of 2013. Until October 2013, three further hotels will be added (two in the capital region, one in Bali). Hilton wants to open a property in Jakarta (Double Tree) during December 2013.

The local company Santika Hotel & Resort operates exceedingly dynamic in the market. In the midterm they plan to move up and become the market leader. According to their own statements they were operating 57 hotels nationwide by mid-2013. This number should rise to 100 by 2016. In 2014 and 2015, Santika plans to invest 300 million U.S. dollars as part of the expansion program.

The local competition from the Discovery Group is meanwhile focusing on Bali. They want to acquire 400 to 600 acres land at Benoa Bay to build a tourism center. But they have to expect resistance. For lots of people, the project is way too large and could change the character of the islands in long term.

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