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How to Use Photography for Restaurant & Hotel Marketing: Free Webinar

- Free One-Hour Webinar Presented with Hospitality magazine Your customers make instant decisions based on what they see - on your website, your menu, your front window, your functions guide and more...

We live in a visual world...

Photographs Can Make Or Break Your Marketing 

It's true - a picture is worth a 1000 words... even more so for restaurants and hotels!

Free One-Hour Webinar

Your customers make instant decisions based on what they see - on your website, your menu, your front window, your functions guide and more...

These days the photos you use in your business make a critical impact on your bottom line. And now that 'everyone's a photographer' with a smartphone, it's even more important that you stand out from the crowd.

What you really need is high quality photos that SELL everything you offer - your venue, your food, your people, the flavours, the fun times, the intimacy and relaxation...

In this one-hour webinar, pro-photographer Mark Burgin will show you how to succeed with all your photos (and videos). You will learn:

  • How to build a photo library as a fresh, dynamic asset for all your marketing
  • How to plan and get the right set of photos that instantly sell what you offer
  • Essentials to build your brand with pro-quality photos
  • How to get the best photos (including your 'hero' shots) for your menus, website, posters and online marketing
  • Social photo smarts - how to get the best 'happy snaps' for Facebook and social media (and know when to get pro-photos for extra marketing power)
  • When to use original photos vs stock images - why authenticity matters
  • Know when and how to use pro and amateur photography
  • How to choose, brief and work with a professional photographer
  • Learn pro-photo terms and techniques to boost your photo-marketing success
  • Learn about the 'fine print' - understand the importance of copyright, talent releases and how to protect your brand and intellectual property
  • The best way to work with staff and professional models on a shoot (hint - staff can be a great asset and save you lot's of $ if you plan this in advance!)
  • How to work with your chef to get them excited about your food photography (Get them involved with the new chefs-go-social trend)
  • Top (fast and easy) ways to make your food photos jump off the page
  • Latest video smarts for quick and easy videos
>> Tuesday 19 June, 10am Australian EST

8am Australian Western Time, 12 midday Auckland, 8am Manila, 8am Singapore, 1am London 
2am Capetown, 5pm 18 June Los Angeles, 8pm 18 June New York

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