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More Australians Traveling Abroad to Asia

Jetabroad say increasing numbers of international passengers travelled from Melbourne and Sydney airports to Asia in 2011

Travel Industry Wire Australia's leading online travel agency, Jetabroad, have highlighted the increase in Aussies travelling to Asia via Sydney and Melbourne airports. Taking advantage of cheap flights available through favourable currency exchanges, holidaymakers arejourneying to China, India, Indonesia and Malaysia in increasing numbers.

This comes after Sydney Airport and Melbourne Airportreportedrises in international passengers of two and eight per cent in December2011 respectively, compared with figures taken from 2010. Total increases for the year amount to just over 3 per cent for Sydney and 11 per cent for Melbourne.

At the beginning of the New Year, the Australian dollar hit a 27-year high against the pound, witheconomistsquick to predict that Australians willtake advantage of the great exchange rate to purchase goods overseas. Because the record high is against a number of foreign currencies, Australians are eager to shop online forcheap flights right now.

Both Melbourne and Sydney airports reinforced Australia's relationship with Asia, highlighting the recent surge in travellers from China.Travellers passing from China through Sydney rose 11 per cent in December, while Melbourne reported a 21 per cent increase - possibly due to new direct flights between the two continents. Hosting just 10 flights in 2010, China Southern now offers 35 flights from China to Australia and has vowed to triple them by 2016, meaning Australians seeking flights to Seoul, and to other locations in East Asia, will be able to buy them at affordable prices.

Darin Walters, MD of Jetabroad, comments, "We're excited that Australia's airports are expanding their relationships with flight companies, meaning more travellers can use our service tobook cheap flights."

"We've always known that some of the best holidays in the world are available in countries like China, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand. In 2012, they're going to be just that little bit more affordable."

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