StrongMail Outlines New Rules for Email Deliverability in 2011

Free Resource Provides Marketers With Actionable Strategies for Boosting Email Deliverability and Results

Nevistas StrongMail, a leading provider of online solutions for email marketing and social media, today announced a new whitepaper titled, "The New Rules of Email Deliverability: 2011 and Beyond." AOL, Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo have begun implementing new user interfaces and filtering mechanisms that will change the way email campaigns are delivered and read in 2011. This free resource offers Fortune 2000 marketers with the insight and strategies they need to optimize their email campaigns for maximum inbox delivery and impact. 

The top ISPs are increasingly using engagement metrics and new social inboxes to help their members manage escalating email volumes and to protect them from dangerous messages. Learn how to respond to these changes and boost deliverability, engagement and campaign performance in this detailed whitepaper. 

"With ISPs moving towards engagement filtering, email marketers must start looking at their email programs holistically in order to maintain high deliverability," said Spencer Kollas, director of delivery services at StrongMail. "It is critical for email marketers to implement best practices for increasing subscriber engagement."

Whitepaper Title: The New Rules of Email Deliverability: 2011 and Beyond
Free Download:

Key Topics: 

  • Email marketing best practices checklist for optimal deliverability
  • Delivery guidelines for the four major webmail providers
  • How to optimize your messages to shine in the social inbox
  • Tips for testing and rendering across email clients and mobile
  • Considerations for the global email landscape

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