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Food and Beverage Bible After the great response to the E Book: Food and Beverage Bible by Santosh Koripella, which was sold in 108 Countries, there has been lot of queries about detailed information on Food and Beverage.

Although Food and Beverage Bible tried to cover most of the information briefly, all the aspects of Food and Beverage and in detail, could not be covered, because of the constraints of Pages (300 Pages).

That is the reason for the launch of Food and Beverage Guru by Santosh Koripella, an E Course on Food and Beverage, starting from the very basics of Food and Beverage to the most advanced aspects, to provide an all inclusive solution to Food and Beverage learning, at a very affordable and reasonable pricing.

Please Download the Course Syllabus by visiting:

It is an E Course,E Learning or a Home Study Course spread over 3 months (12 weeks), with Weekly updates of Food and Beverage Course Material (At about more than 1000 pages of valuable Food and Beverage information),which can be Downloaded.

All this is ready to use and can be printed to suit your specifications.

This course also includes, other than the regular Course material, lots of ready to use Templates to calculate and plan various aspects of Budgets, Profit and loss, Recipe Costing, Menu Engineering, Cash flow, Food and Beverage costs, Inventory Modules, Employee Scheduling, Payroll and many more.

One will also be able to Download Presentations for easy learning, with this Course.

Members can also use the online chat facility for 5 days a week for 4 hours a day, at specific timings, to interact and clarify any of the doubts they might have.

This E Course is aimed at Employees who are already working in Food and Beverage or in other Departments in Hotels and Resorts and in Independent Restaurants and Bars. This is a real benefit for Students of Hospitality/Tourism Management to understand the practical aspects and application of Food and Beverage and also to those Students who want to pursue a career in Food and Beverage/Hospitality Management.

This would also suit just anybody, who wants to learn about Food and Beverage.

Specials Discount of 25 % is offered to Hospitality and Tourism Management Students.

One will also get to Download 'Food and Beverage Bible' for free with this Course.

The much needed E Book: "Food and Beverage Job Search" is provided at the end of the Course, on how to get jobs in Food and Beverage in different countries around the World (Written with Santosh Koripellas Experience of Working in 11 different countries in Food and Beverage).

Certification is provided at the end of the Course after the successful completion of Assessment.

Members are also entitled for Incentive Programme (Details to Members Only).

Course starting on 02nd April 2009.

Last date for enrolment is 25th March 2009.

Online Food and Beverage Consultancy is provided as a separate feature.

Onsite short term Consultancy is provided for Setting up Food and Beverage Departments in Opening Hotels, Staff Training and Business Promotion or to fill up the gap in Operational difficulties.

For further details and to download the Course Syllabus, please visit: for Food and Beverage Guru E Course for Food and Beverage Bible E Book

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