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Food and Beverage Bible Food and Beverage Bible is an E-book written by Santosh Koripella with his Adventurous career in Food & Beverage spread over 12 years all over the World in 11 different countries : (Europe (England), South East Asia (Singapore),Middle East (Dubai), Caribbean(Curacao), Far East(Vietnam),West Africa(Gambia), South Pacific (Papua New Guinea), Indian Ocean (Maldives), Africa (Seychelles) ,Thailand & South Asia(India), from the most developed to the very remote under developed countries, in countless Hotels and Resorts - from the very big Five star luxury Hotels and Michelin Star Restaurants to independent Owner run small Hotels and Restaurants.

Food and Beverage Bible tries to clear and answer many of the doubts which a Food & Beverage Professional encounters on a day to day basis in his career, as it's compiled with a worldwide and international experience in Food and Beverage.

Food and Beverage Bible serves as a practical guide to all the Food & Beverage professionals already in the industry or to the novice- who wants to pursue a career in the Food and Beverage, and wants to have a fast track career to the Management level in the Food & Beverage, or just anybody who is interested to know about Food & Beverage Industry.

Food and Beverage Bible will also help other professionals in the Hotel Industry: Front office Staff, House keepers, Sales and Marketing Staff, Accounts, Human Resources and Training Professionals to understand thoroughly about the functioning of Food & Beverage Department and look for a possible switch over or to pursue a career in the Food and Beverage.

Food and Beverage Bible is a benchmark in Food and Beverage Quality Education and tries to look at Food and Beverage Education from a different angel in this new millennium.

It's a new trend in adding Digital and Information Technology to Hospitality and Food and Beverage Education in the form of an E-book.

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