Low season marketing ideas for Hotels - By Christian W. Frei, CEO, MICEpoint

During the low season it seems everywhere you try to get more business your competition is already there using a variety of techniques to draw in customers. When you develop a low season marketing plan, you have to consider two things - your unique business and your customer demographic.

MICEpoint If you keep these things in mind while you are coming up with low season marketing ideas, you are more likely to choose marketing tools that will yield success.

Independent Hotels and small Hotel chains face a unique challenge when they are developing a low season marketing plan. Most small businesses operate on a tight budget and have limited funds appropriated for marketing.

Your budget need not get in your way when it comes time for low season marketing. With a little creativity and know how there are plenty of marketing ideas that you can implement successfully.

Let's take a look at some simple, creative and affordable holiday marketing ideas.

Get into the MICE market. Groups can bring you nice revenue if you offer them value for money. And one medium size group will bring you around 100 rooms for approx. 3 nights. How much do you need to work on the FIT market during low season until you generate 300 room nights?

So why not invite some organizers and MICE experts to your property? Get to know them personally, you will benefit much more. Let them encounter your beautiful hotel, your amazing services and hospitality. Treat them to an unforgettable stay in your house and you can be sure they will be back with groups.

However, you need to really consider your customer base when you choose these organizers. You may want to consider giving them a gift they can take home and they will remember the stay in your hotel.

Send Out Vouchers for your special offer

Vouchers are another great way to generate low season business.

Send vouchers out to Event and Conference organizers that are good only during the low season. Make the amount on the voucher worth their time and make the voucher easily redeemable for their clients.

Don't send your vouchers out so early that your customers forget about them, but send them out so they have an adequate amount of time to redeem them.

There are even some online MICE platforms who publish these special offers to a wide organizer audience. On MICEpoint ( listed Hotels can publish their special offer free of charge to registered Event and Conference organizers.

Make the Price Right

Keep your customer's budget in mind when you are coming up with low season marketing ideas. Highlight offers for every budget level from $80 to $200 dollars. Create a profile on MICEpoint that makes customers aware of the fact that you have gifts in multiple price points.

Even if you have to repackage your products to accommodate this promotion, it will be worthwhile.

Continue Promotions Through the Season

It is important to keep your Event and Conference organiers returning for additional business during low season. One way to do this is through a staggered low season marketing promotion.

Offer a voucher (or gift) of the week or month that is unique, desirable and different. Make sure you inform your organizers that a new gift is on the horizon. Many companies do this in the form of collectibles. They give one item away each month or season and customers return can get the next item to complete a set.

Marketing your small business during the holiday isn't hard - it just takes a bit of creativity and some smart planning.

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