Top New Business Locations Worldwide

Montreal and Toronto in Canada are fractionally ahead of Australia's Melbourne and Sydney as the top international cities worldwide to set up and operate a business.

Hotel News Resource Other large international cities with populations in excess of 2 million, as ranked in the top 10 new business locations, are : Manchester (UK), Turin (Italy), USA's Atlanta, Tampa and Phoenix, with the UK's Birmingham in tenth place. - The Worldwide Commercial Real Estate Information Portal - has analysed "Competitive Alternatives", a detailed Top Report by global consultancy KPMG, to determine the top new business locations worldwide.

These 30 international cities are not surprisingly dominated by the United States, which boasts 18 top cities in the region. The decline in the value of the US Dollar, in relation to most world currencies over the last two years, has enabled the US to show the greatest improvement in its relative cost position since 2002.

"The remaining top 12 international cities are spread amongst seven strong economic countries, viz. United Kingdom with 3 cities, Canada, Australia and The Netherlands with 2 cities each and Italy, Germany and Japan having one city each," says

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The table below identifies the ranking of the top 30 international cities, coupled with the number of search results for each city found via's search engine.

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