2020 Digital Marketing Trends for Hoteliers

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2020 Digital Marketing Trends for Hoteliers


This new year is all about having the perfect, 20/20 vision for your property’s digital marketing plan.

A new year is the perfect opportunity to reflect on the previous year: What brought the most success? What could be improved? What can we add to our current marketing plan to ensure even higher success in 2020?

With the industry constantly evolving and improving, we have put together some top digital trends hoteliers should keep on their radar to create a successful digital strategy in 2020. 


In only a few years, metasearch has gone from a niche tactic to a fundamental component of hotel advertising. As we enter a new year (and a new decade), metasearch is proving to be the top dog for travelers comparing rates from various OTAs and other booking sites. It is the fastest-growing channel for hotel advertising and has become a must have for hotels that want to stay competitive and drive direct bookings.

For 2020, metasearch is key to increasing your hotel’s visibility and to target your ideal guests. Participating in metasearch helps drive direct bookings by increasing your visibility and competing for guests who are already actively looking to book. 

There are a small number of important metasearch engines. Maximizing your exposure and revenue on these sites requires a solid strategy and expert guidance on channel and bud management.

Vizergy’s metasearch program, managed by a team of trained analysts establishes the best strategies and monitor connectivity, budget and performance to provide in-depth reports, ROI insights, overall revenue, budget spend, and other key performance metrics reporting. Learn how to connect to the top metasearch channels with Vizergy.

Voice Search

Another digital trend to stay on top of in 2020 is Voice Search technology. The latest developments in voice search are impacting the digital marketing world and changing how search marketing professionals optimize websites to rank for targeted keywords and queries.

Just a few years ago, voice search accounted for a small fraction of total searches worldwide. Going into 2020, it is predicted that half of all searches will be performed using voice search.

In order to maneuver these new user behaviors when searching for information, products and services, you need to adapt your digital strategies to be optimized for voice search.


Keeping up with compliance is still important, if not more important in 2020, than it has been in previous years. With changes to current compliance regulations and the addition of others, hoteliers need to stay on top of their property’s digital compliance.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has seen many changes over the years and with these changes, a non-compliant website puts you at risk for outstanding fines and lawsuits.

Since 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect in an effort to protect consumer data for all citizens of the European union and the European Economic Area,

The GDPR aims to give individuals control over their personal data. Businesses that handle personal data are required to inform consumers if they are capturing their information and have safeguards in place to protect that data. More recently the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) took similar measures as the GDPR to put regulations into place to protect their customer’s data.

To ensure compliance of these regulations, hoteliers should determine every place they’re currently gathering information from guests. Whether it’s online forms, website, landing pages, and even non-digital ways like the hotel’s front desk, hoteliers need to inform guests their information is being captured and have security measures in place to be compliant.

Data Marketing

Data marketing is a key player in a successful digital marketing strategy. It has become a fundamental part of any business' marketing strategy to achieve the best results possible. Data-driven marketers use customer data to develop personalized marketing strategies for the highest return on investment (ROI). By speaking to a customer’s individual needs, wants, or interests, you can guarantee more successful campaign results.

Vizergy's customer data platform, TargetingHub®, helps marketers do just that by integrating existing PMS data, this sophisticated platform identifies key insights and attributes of your most profitable customers and deploys smart campaigns to target more customers just like them. Interested in using data marketing to achieve better results? Request a demo here.

About Vizergy® Digital Marketing:

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