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Almost Half of Vacationers Wait to Book Trips At Last Minute

American Express NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 11, 2002--

Travel Advisory; Advice for July Vacationers July is Peak Travel Month -- Advice for Finding Great Deals; Safeguarding Your Money and Enjoying a Hassle-free Trip

According to the 2002 American Express Leisure Travel Index, almost half of all travelers (48.2%) said they will wait until the last minute to book their vacation plans.
Americans will also be budgeting 7% less for their vacations this year than last. And once they're on their way, travelers express concern about budgeting their money wisely (25% this year compared to 17% last year), and keeping their valuables safe (19% compared to 14% last year).
Leisure travel season is expected to peak in July when 41% of Americans say they will hit the beaches or other destinations, followed by August when 29% of Americans say they will do so. An American Express travel representative is available to discuss summer travel questions such as:

- How to find last-minute deals, including on the Internet, through suppliers, such as hotel and cruise companies, and via other sources
- How to have a hassle-free trip, whether driving or flying
- How to budget your money wisely before and during your vacation
- Which combination of cash, Travelers Cheques and credit cards are ideal for travelers
- Various types of insurance available to travelers

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