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Solid Gains for US Hoteliers in November in an Uncertain Future National Business Climate

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Solid Gains for US Hoteliers in November in an Uncertain Future National Business Climate's economy-wide Leading Analytic (eLA)™, a composite indicator of seven forward-looking predictive analytics, declined in November for a second month in a row. The earlier bird of news to follow - released one to two months ahead of the traditional leading indicators - predicts historically national economic conditions five to six months ahead of the release of US monthly GDP™.  

Graph - Hotel Industry's Pulse (HIP) - November 2018At the industry level, US hoteliers enjoyed solid gains in the just-ended month of November, according to the published December issue of the Hotel Industry Pulse (HIP) Digest™. US HIP, which "...gauges monthly overall business conditions for hotels earlier than any industry indicator, climbed by 0.4% in November after an increase of 0.4% in October...", said Evangelos Simos, editor-in-chief of the Digest series and professor at the University of New Hampshire.                                                                   

All demand and supply analytics of current business activity that make up Hotel Industry Pulse (HIP) had a positive contribution to its change in November: Hotel Jobs, Real Hotel Revenues and Hotel Capacity.

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