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The State of Business Travel In 2018 - TripActions

Excerpt from TripActions

We’re in the midst of a seismic shift in the the business travel landscape.

The days of inflexible corporate travel policies, which grind down travelers in the name of short-term cost control, are fading. They’re being replaced by more dynamic plans that result in a) happier travelers who are better positioned to succeed, and b) more visibility and savings for their companies over the long-term.

In order to truly understand what’s really behind this shift, TripActions surveyed thousands of travelers to get their perspectives on their current travel programs and find out how they would like to see their business travel experiences evolve.

The results of this survey offer a powerful look into both the present and future of business travel. After analyzing the traveler responses, we pinpointed three top-level trends that shed some light on why exactly today’s corporate travel landscape is changing, and where it’s headed:

In-person Connections Fuel Company Growth

Nearly everyone reported that business travel is a factor in their company’s growth and that they’d almost always prefer to close important deals in person — even if it meant they had to travel to do so. At the same time, frequent technical glitches and the inherently impersonal nature of conference calls have left many feeling that video and phone calls are often poor replacements for more impactful in-person connections.

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