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U.S. Air Ticket Sales Increased 8 Percent in September

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U.S. Air Ticket Sales Increased 8 Percent in September

Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC)

Airlines Reporting Corp. (ARC) announced today that the consolidated dollar value of airline tickets sold by U.S.-based travel agencies increased 8.1 percent in September as compared to September 2017, totaling $7.5 billion vs. $7 billion.* The average U.S. roundtrip ticket price for September 2018 was $498, up $30 from the same time in 2017.

The total number of passenger trips settled by ARC for U.S. travel agencies increased 2 percent to 23,599,833 compared to 23,106,672 in September 2017. U.S. domestic trips decreased approximately 2 percent while international passenger trips increased more than 10 percent.

Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD)** sales in September 2018 comprised $5.4 million, a nearly 3 percent increase compared to September 2017. EMD transactions increased approximately 6 percent to 95,281 in September 2018 vs. 90,356 in September 2017.

More detailed information is available on ARC’s website.

*Ticket Sales

  • Results are based on monthly sales data ending September 30, 2018, from 12,256 U.S. retail and corporate travel agency locations, satellite ticket printing offices and online travel agencies. Results do not include sales of tickets purchased directly from airlines.
  • Average ticket price (in USD) for a roundtrip ticket settled through ARC for an itinerary that included only U.S. domestic travel.
  • Passenger trips include the total number of passengers taking a trip from one airport to another using either direct or connecting flights. Newly-issued trips are added and refunded trips are deducted to provide a net view of traveling passengers.
  • U.S. Domestic passenger trips include the total number settled through ARC where the itinerary is wholly within the U.S. International passenger trips include the total number settled through ARC where some or all of the travel occurs to airports outside the U.S. or originates outside the U.S.
  • Total sales are equal to the total amount paid for a ticket, which includes taxes and fees.

**Electronic Miscellaneous Documents (EMD)

  • Includes fees for products and services such as upgraded seats, checked luggage, an unaccompanied minor, pet-in-cabin, etc.

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