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January, 19 2018
Navigating the Waters of an SEM Campaign
Navigating the Waters of an SEM Campaign - By Dani Moragne
Are you in the hotel industry and want to implement a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy, but are struggling to learn the ropes of campaign management? Let’s say you have a hotel, equipped with great rooms and a restaurant and bar. How do you support them both? In this post, we go over the SEM need-to-knows for hoteliers—everything from campaign structure to bid and budgeting to help you launch your SEM program and keep it sailing smoothly. Read More
Complimentary Report
Complimentary Report: The Future of the In-Stay Experience
The Future of the In-Stay Experience
Hospitality businesses live and die by their reputations but are accommodation brands really focusing enough on the one moment where they have the guest’s complete and undivided attention: The stay itself? Read more
Airline Ticket Sales Trends
Increased Passenger Trips in 2017 Spur 3.4 Percent Sales Increase
ARC EMD Processing for Ancillaries Increased 58 Percent Read more
U.S. Air Fare Data
3rd-Quarter 2017 U.S. Air Fare Data
The average domestic air fare decreased to $336 in the third quarter of 2017, the lowest inflation-adjusted quarterly fare in 23 years of air fare records, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) reported today. Read more
Restaurant Trends
Restaurant Trends - Growing And Emerging Concepts - Change and Activity January 16, 2018
Update from on growing and emerging restaurant concepts Read more
What’s Hot Culinary Forecast
Culinary Forecast - Trends Come and Go, but Perennial Favorites Are Forever
Trends Come and Go, but Perennial Favorites Are Forever
Here's what 700 professional chefs told the National Restaurant Association are Americans' Top 10 favorite foods - always. Read more
Hotel Website Conversion Hacks
10 Killer Hotel Website Conversion Hacks
10 Killer Hotel Website Conversion Hacks
Hotel website conversion is key to any direct booking strategy. Read more
Market Report Munich
Munich Hotels Report Overall Performance Growth for December 2017
Hotels in Munich reported positive year-over-year results during the month of December, according to preliminary data from STR. Occupancy increased 0.3% to 68.7%, ADR grew 4.9% to €118.24 ($143.47) and RevPAR saw a gain of 5.2% to €81.27 ($98.61). Read more
Market Report U.S.
Downwards Revision of US Hotel Indicator Reveals Weakness, Hotel Recession Probability Advances
HIP's six-month growth rate, which has historically confirmed the turning points in US hotel business Durham, New Hampshire USA - Business activity for US hoteliers declined to a reading of 119.4 in December according to today's release of the Hotel Industry's Pulse (HIP) indicator. Read more
Digital Marketing
Your Top 10 Digital Marketing New Year's Resolutions - By Garrick Lee and Kerryn Gower
Your Top 10 Digital Marketing New Year's Resolutions
With the trend of increasing levels of supply and steadying levels of demand continuing in 2018, hoteliers need to reach potential guests at meaningful micro-moments throughout the entire travel planning journey. But the even greater mission that should be at the center of every hotelier’s strategy is closing the loop on the customer lifecycle. To achieve this, hoteliers need to focus on reaching potential guests at meaningful micro-moments, preparing for Google’s Mobile-First Index, fostering customer loyalty, creating fresh content, and more. Read more

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Market Report U.S.
Positive YOY Results for US Hotel Industry for Week Ending January 13th - 2018

Market Report Canada
Positive Performance Metrics for Canadian Hotel Industry Week Ending 13 January 2018

Heart Of The House
The Staff Of Nizuc Resort Cancun Clearly Understands Where True Hospitality Starts - The Human Heart - By Doug Kennedy

Meeting Trends
Entering 2018 Cautiously Optimistic - 2018 Top Ten Meeting Trends

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