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December, 21 2017
How the Composition of RevPAR Growth Impacts Changes in Profits
How the Composition of RevPAR Growth Impacts Changes in Profits - By Robert Mandelbaum
Within the lodging industry, there are other metrics that have historically been reliable indicators to measure the potential for hotel profit growth. One is the change in rooms revenue, or RevPAR. Using data from our annual Trends® in the Hotel Industry, we find an 86 percent correlation between annual changes in RevPAR and Gross Operating Profit (GOP) from 1960 to 2016. This implies that changes in RevPAR do provide a very strong indication of changes in GOP. Read More
Up And Coming Destinations Reveals Ten Up and Coming Destinations for 2018
Guest House Yuyu, Sapporo, Japan
Research reveals that nearly half of global travelers (47%) want to take more trips in 2018, including city getaways full of history and culture (41%) to foodie havens (41%) and beach breaks (50%). Read more
UNWTO World Tourism Barometer
Southern and Mediterranean Europe, North Africa and the Middle East Drive Tourism Growth Through October 2017
Destinations around the world welcomed 1.1 billion international tourists between January and October 2017, according to the latest UNWTO World Tourism Barometer. This represents a 7% increase on the same period of last year, or 70 million more international arrivals. Strong demand for international tourism across world regions reflects the global economic upswing. Read more
U.S. Air Ticket Sales Trends
ARC Reports November 2017 U.S. Air Ticket Sales Increase More Than Five Percent
Airlines Reporting Corp. (ARC) reported today that the average U.S. roundtrip ticket price for November 2017 was $484, unchanged from October 2017. Average November 2017 ticket prices are down .5 percent compared to November 2016. Read more
Disruptive Forces Are Striking The Hotel Industry
JLL Real Views - How Disruption Is Driving Change for Hotels - By Natalie Holmes
How Disruption Is Driving Change for Hotels
From the likes of Airbnb to growing competition in the food and beverage space, disruptive forces are striking the hotel industry from all angles. Read more
Hotel Investment Trends
HVS Report - Five Reasons Why Developers and Owners Love Hotel Leases - By Peter Szabo
With both macro- and micro-trends supporting fixed-income hotel investments, here are five reasons why there has never been a better time to structure hotel leases in decades. Read more
U.S. Airline Employment Trends
October 2017 U.S. Passenger Airline Employment Data
The four network airlines that collectively employ 64.7 percent of the scheduled passenger airline FTEs reported 2.1 percent more FTEs in October 2017 than in October 2016. Alaska Airlines, Delta Air Lines, American Airlines and United Airlines increased FTEs from October 2016. Month-to-month, the number of network airline FTEs rose 0.3 percent from September to October. Read more
Cashless Transactions
Is Cash Dead in the Hospitality Sector? - By Sarah Clelland
The burger chain Shake Shack recently made headlines when it announced plans to open its first completely cashless restaurant in New York. Read more
Alcohol Trends For 2018
We’ll Drink to That: Top 5 Alcohol Trends for 2018
Top 5 Alcohol Trends for 2018
In our new What’s Hot Culinary Forecast, we asked 700 chefs to give us their thoughts on the top alcoholic beverage trends for 2018. Here's what they said. Read more
Hotel Online Distribution
Hotel Websites on Mobile: The Destination Where Guest Loyalty Can End Before It’s Begun - By Mateus Coelho, Regional Manager - Iberia and Brazil, SiteMinder
Hotel Websites on Mobile: The Destination Where Guest Loyalty Can End Before Itís Begun
When we think about Airbnb, it’s easy to see how they’ve become such an incredible success story. For dreamers and movers alike, Airbnb has continually excelled not in selling physical accommodation, but selling a destination. Over the years, I have had the pleasure of visiting a number of the world’s most beautiful destinations, to meet with and stay at some truly incredible hotels. As a traveller, however, I know my first destination was not, in fact, at any of those places. Read more

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Restaurant Trends
Restaurant Trends - Growing And Emerging Concepts - Change and Activity December 19, 2017

Market Report U.S.
Positive YOY Results for US Hotel Industry for November 2017

Market Report Canada
Positive Performance Metrics for Canadian Hotel Industry Week Ending 9 December 2017

Market Report U.S.
Positive YOY Results for US Hotel Industry for Week Ending December 9th - 2017

Market Report London
London Hotels Report 2.8 Percent Occupancy Decline for November 2017

Market Report Berlin
Berlin Hotels Report RevPAR Drop for November 2017

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