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November, 28 2017
Why Celebrity Names Stack up in the Restaurant Business
Why Celebrity Names Stack Up in the Restaurant Business - by Natasha Stokes
From Jamie Oliver to Jon Bon Jovi, celebrity names are a familiar sight in the restaurant business. Read More
Hotel Construction Pipeline Asia Pacific
Asia Pacific Hotel Development Pipeline Under Contract Up 7.8 Percent YOY for October
The Asia/Pacific region reported 289,997 hotel rooms in construction during October, which according to STR's pipeline report is a 15% year-over-year increase. Read more
Hotel Construction Pipeline Caribbean/Mexico
Caribbean/Mexico Hotel Rooms Under Construction Up 27.5% Rooms for October 2017
The Caribbean/Mexico region reported a 27.5% year-over-year increase in the number of hotel rooms in construction during October. Read more
U.S. Airline Employment Trends
September 2017 U.S. Passenger Airline Employment Data
U.S. scheduled passenger airlines employed 3.3 percent more workers in September 2017 than in September 2016, reaching 428,343 full-time equivalent (FTE) employees, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) reported last week. Read more
Trends In Lodging Food And Beverage Sales
Shifts In Revenue and Expenses Improve Hotel Food And Beverage Profits - By Robert Mandelbaum
Shifts In Revenue and Expenses Improve Hotel Food And Beverage Profits
Consumer dining trends tend to be more volatile than lodging trends. Recognizing this, hotel managers have made some significant changes in the way they offer food and beverage service to their guests. The traditional three-meal, all-purpose restaurants and room service are disappearing. Taking their place are self-service kiosks and grab-and-go concepts that provide quick-service for in-house guests. These changes help explain recent changes in hotel food and beverage department revenues, expenses, and profits. Read more
White Paper
The Role of Operations Director in the Restaurant Industry – How Is It Changing? - By Sarah Clelland
The Role of Operations Director in the Restaurant Industry
People, performance, and profits - these are the key responsibilities of the operations director within a restaurant or other food and beverage enterprise. Everything from ordering supplies to managing staff schedules to handling guest complaints can fall under the remit of the operations team. Read more
ADA Compliance
99 ADA Lawsuits Dismissed As Fraudulent and Malicious - By Jim Butler
JMBM’s ADA Compliance and Defense team, led by my partner Marty Orlick, continues to help hotels and other businesses achieve compliance under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), and is actively defending numerous ADA lawsuits brought against our clients. Today, he shares one of the stranger tales of serial ADA litigation and describes how the judicial system in New Mexico stopped the plaintiff and her lawyer from filing frivolous and malicious ADA lawsuits. Read more
Hotel Industry Performance Middle East And Africa
Mixed Results for Hotel Industry in the Middle East for October 2017 - African Hoteliers Report Growth
In October 2017, hotels in the Middle East reported occupancy rose 3.3% to 64.9%, but a 4% ADR drop to $163.27 caused RevPAR to fall 0.8% to $106.04. Africa, on the other hand, saw occupancy increase 7.6% to 62.5%, ADR increase 8.4% to $105.89 and RevPAR jump 16.7% to $66.14. Read more
Market Report Raleigh, NC
HVS Market Report - Raleigh, NC - By Janet L. Snyder and Mike Bendert
HVS Market Report - Raleigh, NC
Raleigh’s economy and hotel landscape continued to grow in 2016, despite controversial government measures that affected the entire state. Hotel supply expands to meet demand, and 2017 is expected to be generally positive for the lodging industry. Read more
Travelerís Paths To Purchase
What Travel Marketers Need to Know About a Skier's Path to Purchase - By Dani Moragne
What Travel Marketers Need to Know About a Skier's Path to Purchase
For states like Colorado, much of their reputation and economic growth depends on a successful ski season. With 13 million skiers and snowboarders traveling to Colorado over a single season, the competition to understand the skier's path to purchase and convert these winter adventurers is fierce. Read more

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In Brief...

Market Report Canada
HVS Canadian Lodging Outlook - 3rd Quarter, 2017

Market Report U.K.
UK Chain Hotels Market Review - October 2017

Hotel Industry Performance Europe
Hotel Industry in European Region Reports 5.8 Percent RevPAR Growth for October 2017

Hotel Industry Performance Asia Pacific
Positive Performance for Hotel Industry in Asia Pacific Region for October 2017

Market Report Canada
Mixed Performance Metrics for Canadian Hotel Industry Week Ending 18 November 2017

Market Report U.S.
Positive YOY Results for US Hotel Industry for Week Ending November 18th - 2017

Hotel Industry Performance Americas
The Hotel Industry in the Central/South America Region Reports Positive Year-Over-Year Results for October 2017

Hotel Booking Trends
North American Hoteliers End 2017 Strong with Healthy Gains Across All Travel Segments

Market Report U.S.
Positive YOY Results for US Hotel Industry for October 2017

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