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July, 11 2017
Inbound and Outbound Trends for the United Kingdom and France
Sojern’s Report Offers Insights into Europe’s Travel Powerhouses - By Ashley Proceviat
Sojern’s latest Destination Report delves into the inbound and outbound trends for the United Kingdom and France to help travel marketers plan more effective campaigns. Read More
Global Airline Industry Performance
Global Passenger Demand Moderates from Recent Peak but Stays Strong
Global passenger traffic results for May show that demand (measured in RPKs) rose 7.7% compared to the same month in 2016. Read more
State Of The Lodging Industry
The State of the U.S. Lodging Industry - Mid-Year Market View
The State of the Lodging Industry
As the first half of 2017 concludes, the lodging market continues to demonstrate its resilience and its performance remains stable. This achievement is attributable not only to lodging industry-specific factors, but also to greater macroeconomic influences. Read more
Investors Eye Opportunities
Beyond the Beach: Why the Indian Ocean Islands Are a Hit with Investors - By Natalie Holmes
Beyond the beach: Why the Indian Ocean islands are a hit with investors
The crystal-clear waters and palm-tree fringed beaches of the Indian Ocean islands have long been favorites with well-heeled European tourists. Now, there’s a growing shift towards the Asian market; better air connections between the islands of the Indian Ocean and the rest of Asia are set mark a new chapter in higher-end tourism. Read more
Simphony Cloud
Jungle Juice Bar: A Quick Service Smoothie Experience with Oracle Point of Sale - By Sarah Clelland
Jungle Juice Bars were created by Noora and Petteri Fagerström, two entrepreneurs who recognised a gap in the market for fruit drinks that could be bought from quick service concessions in train stations or shopping centres. Read more
South East Asia Hotel Investors’ Summit
HVS Report - Key Takeaways - SEAHIS 2017
Key takeaways from the South East Asia Hotel Investors’ Summit include recurring themes throughout the region such as the rise of the millennial generation, the experience economy and the effects of political instability on regional outlook. Read more
Market Report Vietnam
Vietnam Remains Key Focus for Hotel Investors and Operators
Vietnam Remains Key Focus for Hotel Investors and Operators
Attracted by a rapidly growing tourism sector, rapid economic development and infrastructure investments, according to real estate consultancy JLL Read more
U.S. Employment Trends
60 Percent of Employers Plan to Hire Full-time, Permanent Employees in the Second Half of 2017
72 percent of HR managers are feeling pressure to pay workers more in a competitive market - Midsize firms are leading the charge for hiring while small businesses show big year-over-year gains Read more
U.S. Employment Trends
U.S. June Unemployment Rate Changes Little At 4.4% - Payroll Employment Rises by 222,000
Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 222,000 in June, and the unemployment rate was little changed at 4.4 percent. Employment increased in health care, social assistance, financial activities, and mining. Read more
Hotel Online Distribution
Why Hotel Distribution Is No Longer a Job, but a Button - By Mateus Coelho, Regional Manager - Iberia and Brazil, SiteMinder
Why Hotel Distribution Is No Longer a Job, but a Button
I read an article recently about the slow demise of publishing. It looked into how publishing is hardly still an industry in today’s day and age, thanks to platforms such as Wordpress which have empowered anybody, from any professional background, based anywhere in the world, to be a publisher of their own content – to a mass audience and in an instant, no less. Read more
Your Hotel Horoscope
HeBS Digital Blog Post: Your Hotel Horoscope, from the 2nd Edition of the Hotel360 Magazine
What are you to expect in the coming months, and how should you respond? What characteristics of your hotel’s destination should you focus on and mold your strategy around? Read more

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Hospitality Financial Leadership
Hospitality Financial Leadership - Measuring and Managing Labor Productivity - By David Lund

Market Report Asia Pacific
HVS Report - Asia-Pacific Hotel Operator Guide 2017 (PDF Download)

Market Report Middle East
Most GCC Hotel Markets Report Decline for Ramadan in 2017

Market Report U.S.
Positive YOY Results for US Hotel Industry for Week Ending July 1st - 2017

Market Report Canada
Positive Performance Metrics for Canadian Hotel Industry Week Ending 1 July 2017

European Tourism 2017-Trends & Prospects
European Travel Commission Reports a Rapid Rate of Expansion Across European Destinations

Video Hotel Marketing
4 Reasons Hoteliers Should Use Video Marketing - By Marissa Rasmussen

G20 Host Hotel Markets
The G20 Impact on Host Hotel Markets

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