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June, 7 2017
US Hotels to Maintain Modest Growth
US Hotels to Maintain Modest Growth
The U.S. hotel industry is projected to report continued modest growth through 2018, according to STR and Tourism Economics’ latest forecast released on Monday at the NYU International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference. Read More
The 2017 Smart Decision Guide To Hotel Guest Experience Management
Making the Business Case for Hotel Guest Experience Management
Enhancing the hotel guest experience is largely about removing 'friction' from interactions across all parts of the property, all touchpoints (both physical and digital) and all phases of the guest journey. It’s about recognizing guests’ preferences and enabling relevant and personalized interactions that make them feel special and appreciated. Read more
Japan Travel Report
Sojern & Google Examine Japan Travel Trends In New Report - By LLuvia Rodriguez
Sojern & Google Examine Japan Travel Trends In New Report
Sojern Teamed Up With Google To Look At Inbound Travel Trends To Japan. In Our New Report, We Discuss Mobile & Cross-Device Trends, Last-Minute Planning Patterns, And Market Growth Trends. Here You’ll Get Key Takeaways To Reach Inbound Travelers To Japan. Read more
Hotel Software Systems
The Most Important Question Every Hotel Should Ask of Their Hotel Software Providers - By Jos Schaap
The Most Important Question Every Hotel Should Ask of Their Hotel Software Providers
There are many important questions every hotelier should ask before investing in any new hotel software system. There are questions regarding features, functions, integration, SaaS or license, cloud or on premise, training - and the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, one of the big questions that often gets overlooked and doesn’t get researched enough is the question of service and support. Read more
Global Airline Industry Performance
Airlines Are Expected to Report a $31.4 Billion Profit on Revenues of $743 Billion.
Strong Profits Continue - Labor, Fuel and Supplier Costs on the Rise Read more
Guest Engagement, Retention, And Acquisition Strategy
Closing the Loop on the Travel Journey - Action Plan to Achieve a 360-Degree Past and Future Guest Engagement, Retention, and Acquisition Strategy - By Max Starkov and Margaret Mastrogiacomo
Today’s hotel planning and booking customer journey is becoming increasingly complex in this multi-device, multi-channel and multi-touch point digital landscape. In fact, according to Google, the average consumer engages in 38,983 digital micro-moments in just under two months. That’s over 38,000 digital moments in a 60-day booking window. Read more
U.S. Employment Trends
U.S. May Unemployment Rate Changes Little (4.3%)
Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 138,000 in May, and the unemployment rate was little changed at 4.3 percent. Job gains occurred in health care and mining. Read more
U.S. Employment Trends
U.S. Job Openings Increase to Series High in April
Job openings increased to a series high of 6.0 million on the last business day of April. Over the month, hires decreased to 5.1 million and separations edged down to 5.0 million. Read more
Green Lodging Survey
Still Time to Participate in the Green Lodging Trends Report Survey
The Green Lodging Trends Report Survey, which has the support of the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Assn., Avendra, Boston Green Tourism, Green Seal, Brighton Management, Horwath HTL—Asia Pacific, Green Key, Travelife, Green Key Global and GreenOtels, is sponsored by Cass Information Systems, Inc., reCollect2 and ClearWater Tech. Read more

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