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May, 18 2017
Reykjavík Tops trivago's Trending Destination List
Reykjavík Tops Trivago's Trending Destination List
This year, reveals 2017’s worldwide trending destinations as part of their annual Global Summer Trends research. Using exclusive price data from the past two years on trivago platforms around the world, trivago has identified the destinations that have seen the largest increase in popularity over this period. Read More
Webinar 'Leveraging The Power Of Mobility'
dormakaba, Intelity, StayNTouch Announce Webinar to Simplify Mobile Adoption
May 31 Webinar 'Leveraging the Power of Mobility: The New way to Satisfy Guests' Clarifies Steps for Mobile Adoption, How to Deploy an Efficient Mobile Strategy Read more
U.S. Air Travel Consumer Report
1st Quarter 2017 U.S. Airline Bumping Rate Equal to Previous Year
The U.S. Department of Transportation today released its May 2017 Air Travel Consumer Report, compiling air carrier data for the month of March 2017 and the first quarter of 2017. For the first quarter of 2017, the 12 U.S. carriers who report on-time performance and mishandled baggage data posted an involuntary denied boarding, or bumping, rate of 0.62 per 10,000 passengers, equal to the 0.62 rate reported for the first quarter of 2016. Read more
JMBM's 2016 Meet The Money
Meet the Money 2017 Presentations Now Available for Download! - By Jim Butler
Meet the Money®2017 wrapped up last week at the Hyatt Regency LAX, and looks to be one of our most successful years yet! More than 350 hotel industry leaders gathered to hear from 130+ speakers who gave their expert perspectives on the current hospitality market, the national and global economy, and where trends might take us as we move towards 2018. Read more
StayNTouch Platform
StayNTouch and MGM Resorts International Redefining Hotel Check-in on the Las Vegas Strip and Beyond
StayNTouch Inc. announces a strategic partnership with MGM Resorts International to provide an intuitive check-in and check-out process across all of their properties. Read more
Summer Travel Trends
Survey Reveals American Parents Are Spending Cautiously on Summer Vacation This Year
Nearly 70% of Respondents Taking a Vacation Say they will Spend the Same or Less than Previous Year Read more
Construction Pipeline Central/South America
Central/South America Hotel Development Pipeline Under Contract Down 10.6 Percent YOY for April 2017
In April, Central America and South America reported 30,014 rooms in 187 hotel projects in construction, which is a 3.6% decrease in rooms under construction compared to April 2016. Read more
Construction Pipeline Asia Pacific
Asia Pacific Hotel Development Pipeline Under Contract Up 3.8 Percent YOY for April 2017
The Asia/Pacific region reported 270,115 rooms in 1,185 hotel projects in construction in April, according to STR's pipeline report. The total number of rooms under construction represents a 6.5% year-over-year increase. Read more
Construction Pipeline Caribbean/Mexico
Caribbean/Mexico Hotel Development Pipeline Under Contract Up 41.6 Percent YOY for April 2017
The Caribbean/Mexico region reported 15,781 rooms in 86 hotel projects in construction during April 2017, which is a 23.2% year-over-year increase in the number of rooms under construction. Read more
The 2017 Smart Decision Guide To Hotel Guest Experience Management
5 Recommendations for Optimizing the Guest Experience
Implementing the right technology platform capabilities, including a next-generation Property Management System and service optimization solution, are prerequisites for achieving a high level of performance with Guest Experience Management (GEM). Read more
Google AMP
Should Hospitality Embrace or Ignore Google AMPs? - By Max Starkov and Samra Seifu
Should Hospitality Embrace or Ignore Google AMPs?
In hospitality, some website developers have been trying to convince hoteliers that they need to have AMP version of their website. What is Google AMP? It is an open platform with the sole objective to help publishers create mobile content (articles and commentary, quick opinion postings, etc.) that download fast on mobile and other devices. Read more
Email Marketing
5 Reasons Why People Are Unsubscribing From Your Hotels Emails & How To Fix It - By Pete DiMaio
5 Reasons Why People Are Unsubscribing From Your Hotels Emails & How To Fix It
Congratulations, you’ve built up a pretty impressive email database for your hotel full of past and potential guests. Now you have a magic light saber that will fill your rooms with just a click of a few buttons… but something is wrong. It seems that for every new address you add, you’re losing two. Why is that? Read more

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Modular Hotel Construction
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European Hotel Market Trends
Budget and Luxury Hotels Expected to Give Highest Returns and Best Prospects

U.S. Air Ticket Sales Trends
ARC Reports Air Ticket Sales by US Travel Agencies Increase in April Vs. 2016

Construction Pipeline Europe
European Hotel Pipeline Under Contract For April 2017 Up 15.3 Percent over 2016

Restaurant Industry Trends
Restaurant Industry and Other Foodservice Operators Express Fear That Rising Food and Labor Costs Will Dampen Growth Trajectory

Restaurant Trends
Restaurant Trends - Growing And Emerging Concepts - Change and Activity May 16, 2017

Market Report Canada
HVS Canadian Lodging Outlook - 1st Quarter, 2017

Marketing Automation
Do Hotel Sales Teams Have a New Secret Weapon?

Small Business Monitor
One-In-Five Entrepreneurs Say That Their Businesses Are 'Riding High' and Growing Strong in the Current Economy

Meeting Trends
Meetings and Events Remain Powerful Economic Engines Globally

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